Serena Williams has completely transformed women’s tennis, bringing together powerful serves, a powerful groundstroke, and superior athleticism to form the most successful player in the Open Era, collecting 23 Grand Slam titles, her last coming in 2017. Serena Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion and the most formidable female tennis player of her generation is retiring from the sport, allegedly following the US Open. Serena Williams expressed some disappointment at being unable to strengthen her case as tennis’s most fantastic ever, surpassing Margaret Courts’ record 24 grand slam titles.

The 23-time grand-slam champion wrote a new personal essay for Vogue magazine, revealed exclusively on Good Morning America, entitled Toughest Part to Say Goodbye to Professional Tennis, her way, in her own words. When Serena Williams finally says farewell to tennis, we will say goodbye to one of the greatest players ever. Still, we will witness her impact live forever as the person that changed the course of women’s tennis. To speak about Serena Williams (USA) is to talk about a pioneer, one who sold out the men’s finals, who parlayed her fabulous presence into a billion-dollar business empire and a venture-capital company, Serena Ventures, and who indeed advanced the narrative for female equality in the women’s game.

Serena Williams’ marketing success has led to the rise of a new generation of female athletes, including her tennis rival Naomi Osaka, who is ranked number 19 in the list of highest-paid athletes of the year at $59.2 million, including $58 million off the court, which is a record for female athletes. A new generation of Black women athletes has taken up tennis rackets after watching the Williams sisters, including the current world No. The duo is credited for bringing a new era of strength and athleticism to the women’s pro tennis circuit.

When we think of Serena Williams retiring from a sport to which she has dedicated her life, she wrote in Vogue that she would be evolving out of tennis into something else that is important to her; it is tempting to think her most incredible legacy will be one she continues to forge outside of the court. Serena Williams, announcing to Vogue that she plans to evolve away from tennis following the US Open, said every time she has tried to discuss ending her career, it has made a knot in her throat, and she started crying. Speaking with media outlets after a loss at the Canadian Open, Raducanu offered her candid thoughts about Serena Williams’ influence on the tennis game and the legacy she will leave in her retirement.